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Our Staff

Classroom Teachers

Support Teachers

Name Role Email
S Calvori Support Services
C King Librarian
M Agranovich Music Teacher
M Hrkac Literacy and Numeracy Support, Librarian
E Davies District Consellor
G Guzek Indigenous Education gguzek@sd46,bc,ca

Support Staff

Name Role
S Schutz Education Assistant
M Smith Education Assistant
T Reed Education Assistant
J Taclobao Education Assistant
A Bogean Education Assistant
C Witter Education Assistant
C Meyer Education Assistant
N Poulin Child Care Worker
M Mills Custodian
J Knappett Custodian
C Zimmer Custodian
C Urquhart Custodian
A Bach Community School Coordinator
L Maedel Community School Coordinator

Office Staff

Name Division Grade Email
D Styles Division 1 Grade 6/7
A Owen Division 2 Grade 6/7
A Stott Division 3 Grade 6
G Kerr (M-Th) Division 4 Grade 5
C Koberwitz (F) Division 4 Grade 5
M Thomson (Tuesday-Friday) Division 5 Grade 4
S Dalgleish Division 6 Grade 3/4
T Smith Division 7 Grade 3
A Brzezik (M-W) Division 8 Grade 2/3
R Turenne (Th-F) Division 8 Grade 2/3
N Dhillon (W-F) Division 9 Grade 2
J Wildeman (M-Tu) Division 9 Grade 2
J Marion Division 10 Grade 1/2
M Thompson Division 11 Grade 1
M Fraser Division 12 Kindergarten/1
J Kinder Division 13 Kindergarten
Name Role Email
D Knight Principal
D Woolliams Administration Assistant II
A Barratt Office Assistant - Fridays
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