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Our Staff

Classroom Teachers

Name Division Grade Email
Ms Kaatz/Ms. Piper Division 1 Grade 6/7
Ms. Foreman Division 2 Grade 6/7
Mr. Stott Division 3 Grade 5/6
Mr. Kerr Division 4 Grade 4/5
Ms. Thomson Division 5 Grade 4/5
Ms. Ryden Divisions 4/5 Grade 4/5
Ms. Turenne Division 6 Grade 2/3
Ms. McGillivray Division 7 Grade 2/3
Ms. Taggart Division 7 Grade 2/3
Ms. Dalgleish Division 8 Grade 1/2
Ms. Smith Division 9 Grade 1/2
Ms. Bisbee Division 10 Grade 1
Ms. Dhillon Division 11 Kindergarten
Ms. Bristow Division 11 Kindergarten
Ms. Perry Division 12 Kindergarten
Ms. Jones Division 12 Kindergarten

Support Teachers

Name Role Email
Ms. Calvori Support Services
Ms Taggart Librarian
Ms. Hrkac Literacy and Numeracy Support, Librarian
Ms. Davies District Consellor
Mr. Guzek Indigenous Education gguzek@sd46,bc,ca

Support Staff

Name Role
Sara Schutz Education Assistant
Marsha Smith Education Assistant
Jane Troup Education Assistant
Ashley Bogean Education Assistant
Deb Mantic Custodian
Corey Urquhart Custodian
Sheila Wilson Community School Coordinator
Christie Woodin Community School Coordinator
Marilyn Jares Library Clerk
Helen Baron English Language Support

Office Staff

Name Role Email
Christa Rive Principal
Trudy Baba Administration Assistant
Audrey Barrat Administration Assistant - Fridays
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