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Excellence in all we do

School Growth Plan

Our Vision

We are committed to inspiring all students to be curious and to thrive in their learning, to be caring citizens, and to aspire to be their best self.

Guiding Questions:

How might we increase connection during this year?

How might we inspire joy and an intrinsic desire for learning in our students?

How might we teach and support students to learn about and care for themselves, others and their community?

Our Goals

We have three goals in our School Growth Plan. Each of these goal areas link to our district Strategic Plan. We will be continuing to hold our bar high, to inspire and challenge our students to excel across academic areas. We will be working with students to develop their understanding of themselves, others and communities.

Literacy: For 2020-21, we will be working on the seventh year of our literacy goal. This year we plan to explore reading instruction more deeply through increased opportunities for guided reading and reading interventions. We are also expanding into writing.

Personal Awareness and Social Responsibility: In order for students to thrive, we need to ensure healthy socio-emotional well-being as an essential foundation. This is a complex and lifelong pursuit. We will continue to develop our Personal Awareness and Social Responsibility goal with a focus on development of self, others, community and global awareness.

Numeracy: We are further developing our numeracy goal this year. With increased focus on this goal we will be seeing increased platooning for math, collaborative structures and professional learning through district initiatives.

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